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Frequently Asked Questions from Customers


  • What is the difference between print-n-play games and printed cards?

Print-n-play games are ones you download as digital files and print at home. Printed (print-on-demand) cards are produced at a printer and shipped to you as a physical, finished product. The quality of the printing will be better than what you can produce at home. The card stock (the paper on which the cards are printed) will be better (and matches the card stock of many popular games already on the market), the printing ink quality is higher, and the cards receive a low gloss UV coating to protect them. They are the same as a regular card deck you would buy in a store; the only difference is that we print them custom for your order.


  • Why didn’t I get a PDF included with my purchase?

Publishers choose what products they offer. Many offer both print-n-play PDFs and printed cards, while others only offer their card products as printed editions. Oftentimes, a card product’s rules are a PDF that you download from the respective product’s page.


  • How do your cards compare to those I’d buy in a store?

We’ve worked hard with publishers and our printer to match as closely as possible what you’d receive when buying a traditionally packaged and sold card deck in a retail store. The card stock (the paper on which the cards are printed) matches the card stock of many popular games already on the market. The printing process is ink-based (not toner based like other print-on-demand services). Essentially, your cards will look and feel like a regular card deck you would buy in a store.


  • How are the rules delivered to me?

If the card product you purchase is print-n-play, the rules are incorporated into that downloaded PDF. If the card product you purchase is a printed one, the rulebook is available as a free PDF downloadable from the product’s page; look for a rulebook link just below the product’s cover image on the product page. Some publishers also put their rules on a number of cards included in your deck.


  • Do I get a box with my cards?

The traditional kind of packaging you’ve come to expect in buying a card product from a store will not come to you. Your printed card deck is sent to you wrapped in two cellophane bands.


We offer two clear plastic deckboxes for our US and Euro poker-size cards (one holds 70 cards, the other 120 cards) that you can choose to order at checkout for $0.99 and $1.29, respectively.


  • How much is shipping?

Shipping equals $1.50 for packaging/handling per order plus USPS first class airmail or UPS rates. USPS for a 54-card deck to most places in the U.S. equals $1.50 to $2.50; to Canada, approximately $3.75 (delivery in roughly 10 days); to Europe, approximately $7.00 (delivery in roughly 17 days). Larger decks, of course, would have increased shipping costs.


Visit our support knowledge base for more detailed shipping cost estimates.


  • Where are my cards printed?

All card products are printed in Overland Park, Kansas.


  • Do you have a printing partner in Europe?

Not currently. As we expand our services, we intend to partner with a Europe-based printing partner as we know that can reduce shipping costs.


  • Can I make my own cards?

Yes, provided the cards you’ve created do not use the intellectual property of a publisher or do not violate any publisher’s copyrights or trademarks. If you choose to create your own cards, please note card files need to be prepped in a particular way. See Preparing Your Cards for more information.



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